Ok, cool. We arrived ! That was a long way run. I had the interdisciplinarity in mind when I was in university but later down the road I had second thoughts about it, I just decided to take the more difficult steps and were raising the bar like saying stronger but I started to face difficulties money wise and exactly because of that it has come up true because I had free time enough to make it happen while I was polishing my skills, but suddenly I have changed my mind thinking if I had gotten a easier path I would make it simply easier on the making money thing.

Well, I mean it is not that easy you be changing areas and areas of performance, one area is connected to another but that also involves know-how and a lot of talking with connections and people; you have to be practicing and practicing till have a sort of well-done experience in all of the areas and that takes quite a bit of the time. The good news is that you don’t feel much the time passing, you just have passion for what you do and be very fond of it it is like a drive that you enjoy the process of learning and finishings you also explore very well your creativity. 

The research is a key on the process, analyses too. Observation of human behavior is a tool but the practice and exercise is the must, nothing gets done without the practice with that I would anticipate despite working along others there will be involved a lot of alone and introspective moments. But when you join people it is very satisfying as well, because you cover up the loone time and quite feel attracted and sympathetic for other people experiences. But social distance is as important as the collective to do not get kind of lost. 

I mean, my interdisciplinarity.

– Ambientalist

– Art Director

– Product Designer

– Fashion Designer

– Furniture Designer

– Interior Designer

– Set Designer

– Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist

– Fashion Editor

– Music Producer

– Cinema Producer

– Tv Producer

– Screenplay Writer

– Artist

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