I have been giving a plus attention to my house during the pandemic, it was schedule for previously but as I told you I was unable to make it once I had an interference, on my recover thanks I’m sort of recovered I tried to fix things as much as I could and I couldn’t make it all but I guess it looks an artist studio arts house. 

In fact, I even took some Distance Education on Interior Design to get clear with my ideas and even look for a job with that as I’m a furniture designer and sometimes I browse this area as well. And it was studying that I saw that a refurnish is not the best option for sustainability unless is too out dated, but I saw that I could leave it vintage while recovering several parts of the house and giving small updates. 

I was kind of annoyed with my office curtains that looks nice but were dirty and a cleaning was costing more than a change, but for a change I didn’t know exactly what to get to my house do not look too homy I mean styles, sort of relaxed fun style. 

I changed office gray panels for milk & coffee drapes. The office panels were great because I could manage the lighting inside very well with their turn and twist, so I was very concerned with the lighting story and the drapes were fabulous because they are not a blackout, there is lighting passing through left my house lighter and cosy with the same feel. In fact I had placed a copper & crystal pole track.

My house was a Japanese style that went to Beach style and now I’m leaving on a sort of French Country, not the French Modern which is totally another type of style. So, I have 2 big things to make in my house to be ready, the living room floor and the kitchen tiles. The problem is that the floor need to change things around and those things with you inside house make a mess and takes up a time, so I’m not in a hurry and I’m thinking on a new mid size carpet that can do. The tiles of the kitchen I had an idea of painting it, because is quicker and cheaper. . I was not sure about the colors decided black and green but will see. Let time rolls by. 

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