I got a cushion years ago and those days I took the cover out to wash it and just found out the eco sustainable brand. It was a surprise to me as I’m trying to collect green choices.

ECO SIMPLE – Made in Brazil, is very up front fabric manufacturer that I’m very happy to introduce. Yes, I have seeing several Brazilian green initiatives and that is what makes myself to believe in the future. They work with PET RECICLED and FABRIC DEJECTS RECICLED and I would be very interested in work with Eco Simple fabrics if I have the chance also the brand offers a wide range of patterns and colors which makes even more attractive for the sustainable market. 

From the Eco Simple samples I’m bringing to you, there were few that made my eyes pop to for a great and nice fashion collection. Yes, I’ve been on eye and researching all the possibilities that I have to make it all green but really, I don’t think fashion is going to save the world from its crises we can do our part on the game true but the reality is in everywhere from food to transport, should transform it all.

Eco Simple is with me for 5 years now and I’m presenting to you. 

About environment, sustainability and green-choices. Eco-friendly.

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