Quick check that we love. I’ve started to get used to buy frozen ready meals, I’m actually buying that much more often even on the take aways. There is no much menu options in store, but when available I get specially salads, salt tarts, pizzas, lasagnas or breads. It is just this working home kind of thing sometimes you just remind yourself you need to eat last minute so it is nice have spared frozen meals.Well everything, just reminded about deserts from fruits, waffles, petit gateau to ice cream. All that is on my list

I had a problem with my fridge this year, the fridge was very nice because had a nice big freezer and so I could have more space to the frozens, I fixed the fridge but it had broken again, I got a new one with smaller freezer so I’m still adapting myself with the size because I really got used with those snacks.

Anyway, I got several HELPIE salt tarts some time ago and they were delicious I went to see more about them and they are a start-up that happens to be. Where I bought I couldn’t find it anymore but people got so mixed about pandemic that who knows on the future. HELPIE had several taste & flavors which is amazing as we have got a range to try and taste and stick with the ones that we like most. I think I tried white cheese with leek and the blackbull ones but also the problem of those start-ups is that they face some problem on the first to grow, on the Helpie story they were growing quite well. They do have it online shopping just reminded myself as I’ve checked and it seems that they have added delicious flavors to give i a try but I don’t know if arrives on my place.

I recommend.

HELPIE salt-tarts.

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