The COCONUT OIL has been introduced for 10 years already but I have not tried yet. I do cook quite a lot and change menus and honestly yes, I did make a menu book for myself and I cooked and cooked that I would adore place new recipes.

Sometimes I didn’t have time, this cooking thing takes up some creativity as well and you are always shopping food and changing ingredients etc that even an eat out is totally health, because I do eating out sometimes as well. Is fun and taste but you can get bored from time to time, so I’ve placed some eat outs on my list to try new things now that pandemic is becoming over.

The coconut oil might come with a new me on the kitchen this season finally, it is on my list but it was always in a hurry during the taff times and I also go for smaller shops that I’m client to help neighborhood that I didn’t get on the supermarket. But it seems comes with a lighter taste than the olive oil, I adore the coconut water, coconut milk and it is often on my kitchen; I adore olive oil but the coconut one might come with with a hint of freshness. As I try to do some seaside dishes on the spring summer might serve me well.

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