As I said I’m always looking to improve recipes. I got to know wheat in grain mixing on the rice as I started to make the rice differently ( despite I’ve heard rice is not so much environment friendly they way soaked water produced ), now I have got quite few options of different flavors rice to make it more robust or allegro. It serves me for the autumn-winter recipes as it makes a stronger grain but for spring-summer season I would bet on the salad mix to make salad then more robust. On the heat season I’m a hard eat person, I loose my appetite for freshness so I have to try hard new recipes of salads or cold recipes. And I think wheat in grain is a nice guest on the salad front to make it spark different and taste in somehow chunky.

I will give it a try, I guess boil altogether and leave it ready cold on the fridge as it doesn’t grow too much extended, so used as spice sort of thing. Well, that is the way can work. People, you talk about salad I go mad marvelous happy.

I also have heard next year port-pandemic we can face lack in some of grains so I would recommend do a sort of stock.

Enjoy salads !

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