Seriously hunting best choices. I’ve found PANOH and I’m in love with it, the problem I’m facing is that I’ve found ecologic people doing the transformation, but how they are also really small business products goes out of stock and when it comes back it comes another collection but not always proper on the organic cotton, maybe because the difficulties they have to find the supplies. 

I’ve been on the queue to get the organic cotton pillows case of PANOH, because I had several expenses this year, but I was very much in love and hopefully I managed to get those cutes on my birthday. Honestly, I started to ONLY WANT SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS. And I was luck because I bought a pillow that is also ecological, PYTUNA but is only raw cotton but yet less procedures on the making and 100% cotton. 

And the collection, it had the shirts and tees but it were ending and ending with no replacing which possibly it was because the situation of Covid but hopefully Panoh will manage to stand in the market and keep producing ecological clothes. 

For the ones that still want organic cotton, there is the hair bands that are also lovely. 

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