This thing here is a must in Brazil. Cement & Reboco are just best partners for human development and progress. Some of the packs of cement and reboco comes with a beautiful pack design for sort of inspiration. I even enjoyed have a look on those packs, color wise design wise. 

Do you know all those re-design, re-doing and re-fixing house tales need one of those packs and it is not expensive, in fact it is even kind of cheap so for the favela awards there is a light in the end of the tunnel. It was more like finish the job that has been started.

I just started to be tired of waiting, the government helps but has been on the turtle pass and in some cases possible is the weirdo soil that I started to think that the favelas could be ever there. Here, where I lived enrolled a lot of re-fixing and re-doing houses and business in 8 years I live here there is a lot and a lot of changes, that even myself had to run. I’m very happy and should thank for have seen people that has stood up because the borough have improved a lot lately and is calm and it seems I live on the county side despite I’m inside one of the most busy cities in the world. 

I had a financial problem that is why I got stuck, and here wasn’t for a long period but I always make it more and more like a cozy home. My house is a recycled house so there is always improvements to be done, but it is going. I have some ideas for future steps, who knows. 

At the moment I’m painting doors and bits of wall on bricolage, to close the year in a good mood.

Good ideas, for young practices and services.


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