Friends & Friendly kit. I got very happy for Julia Petit and I do wish all the best for the brand it is an amazing choice for gifts and travel kits and strange as it seems I was looking for that is on my wish list. The products are very upward and conscious offering good variances of solutions, it was a surprise to see a colleague taking step and launching such interesting beauty products. For me, I’m kind addicted of skin care and I always have loads with me because of my difficult skin and yet need face treatment. So for the friends are holding tight SALLVE can put us together, give a hand. In fact for me it completes my spa days it is very much included face lifts sets. I selected the ones that I was more into to and I confess I really really loved the gift fun pack want all, but the packs itself are already a boost on the eye catch. 


Julia Petit is a pioneer as me, she started at Youtube as I started on my independent journal 2009/2010 she left Youtube to startup something new, follow other way the time I was studying to get into Youtube and I wasn’t sure and suddenly came up something anew to me too. Juste a l’heure. Well, I’m very busy too studying possibilities but someone has presented me to Youtube and with Julia doing hair styles and beauty by that time that is why I know like pioneers. But you know, sometimes we just hide ourselves. Well, good luck for Julia Petit and for SALLVE.

I totally and definitely recommend. 

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