Strictly environmental policies ! I just got researching all the good & the best of organics and bio, because i’m really into that. It is like a serious diet. Here, I’ve been posting all the naturals and is one more. As I said previously they are tiny independent labels that are yet on my wish list because got in a bigger production on the queue, so I guess I need to make new post-its to reminders about what is new on store. 

So AME is a brand that uses organic cotton and with a plus of natural dye. It is really ambiental, eco-friendly ! For sure you should go for the labels that are offering the best choices of environmental friendly. I, myself know how is hard to be ambiental eco-friendly takes up a lot of time and is like artisanal the bad side of it is like no one cares for you.

There are the ecobags which for me are very useful, but the must are the organic cotton napkins and natural wash I loved very much that and the clothes made with love. AME possibly is a small online shop worth to go for, so if you have got time you need to do a check it out. 

Here I have presented all the efforts of ecological progress. 

I recommend, AME.

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