I’m kind on a very calm mood lately, actually that is the way I feel inside or the way I want to carry with my own and personal life so I’m just thinking on wellness and looking for business that brings me the same sort of feeling. I’m a customer of several flower shops and markets and certainly I think about it. I have visited previously the flowers distributor but I’m still wondering how could be made the deliveries and also the durability and how could I hold then because flowers die. 

But definitely it is a spot and I’m even studying if I do finish my course of shop design because it can have improvements on how does it look but I don’t have investors neither initial capital to have my own business, but I’m always thinking of how to make something happens as get stuck is out of question. I’ve spent too many years looking for a job that I even think about hold my own. 

And here, we would have the dressing shop and also the flowers and flowers design which I could have some ideas on the local basis yes, I’m having several ideas and I’m been able to put then in practice but the problem is that I’m waiting for a better sort of opening time and bright sky which could make things more worth. But basically, it looks like a post-part funeral. 

Enjoy the flower market. 

For a good dressing home & table. Be pretty good even on business.

For the moment, I’m taking classes of landscaping which is very different area but beyond that. 

About environment, ecology & sustainability.

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