Do you know what ? I need make up, good news for all my make up artists friends. I’m a pretty girl even but I must confess that at home office for the last couple of years I have been so busy putting my desk in order and thanks now it is but I have been in a hurry with no time to put myself together and feel pretty. I left behind even my spa-meditation-training classes for work-work-work that I need my self steam back. It is true that I had time and time that I was good but not on my best. This year I want to dedicate to myself and hold business meetings and chats. So, here I’m on eye totally. I just have hold the shopping because make up goes off-out of date-expired and how we were wearing so many masks day after day I thought it was better to wait. 

Honestly, AVON is one of my favorite labels because is true I’m working most with basic more affordable labels but they do have a lot in store and the brand is full of new items and releases that made my eye pop crazy to have them. And more, I just realized that even to stay in I want to start wearing bits of makeup to stay good with myself, normally I don’t go for that because my difficult skin but I’m planning to have make up basics even for daily routine. 

All at AVON.

Wish you like all the new in and editors pick. 

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