Really crazy for a new make up set. I don’t know if this is some psychological matter and behavior post-pandemic and lockdowns and that masks that cover our faces can be and that I got into it yes. So, lipstick wise I’m turned into a big fan, but I use natural skin but I started to think again on the blush and eye shadow and eye line trend but all in a very soft approach or not because I even started to think about the very darkish black as sunglasses or the other way around. So, I’m imagining all sorts of make up at the moment. 

PAYOT is another label favorite of mine. I’m not bringing all they had in store but I recommend you go on the online shop and have a look because they do have amazing palettes. I just decided go for the basics yet but there is a lot going on. 

Here, I went for a blush that is going more pinkish and girly and good good glosses which is also brand new but yes sometimes I want make it dark maybe that is a thing have this 2 sides the brighter and the darker. Well, serves me even for fashion edition notes. 

Enjoy PAYOT make up new release. 

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