Calm down people but honestly all the breaking news and transformation are sort of stormy weather too, I, myself that was prepared to it was gotten by surprise such a speed of events I wasn’t expecting all this Global Warming issues come like it came and when I started my researches it was because of my own interests and suddenly it has turned into a duty master.

Of course that we will make the change, some people just took the time to proceed it on their mind that is why maybe it is slow yet but people are knowing already, but that the problem is quite huge it is and be prepared because it might turn very soon on a speed step after all and loads of changes will happen.

Me too, I’m taking it easy and slow this year while I still gather some information and polish my skills and deliver some introductions for partners and possible clients to open doors, despite my agenda is quite full already because then after some age, because ageing is not that bad as it seems I would say I’m in the best of my performance and I want more. I’m even quietly positive for the future.

And for everybody, specially here in the country if slow I would recommend you to take care of yourself take a deep breath with the end of Covid let it go, adjust all you can because more will come and it will be not easy and will need strength. I hope you best. 

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