Just small details that can make a difference better than that you can do it yourself. I mean, our houses always needs repair and fixings from time to time and sometimes or it is a huge re-doing that will take loads of money or it is more simple than we think in both sceneries we will need to have good ideas to create a better home, because it is also trend re-use items instead of trow it rubbish. 

There is a lot of small details that I’m re-using at home and they look pretty good, also some details I’ve been fixing myself like stickers and pullers and posters. I also have been painting doors and bits of walls by myself so it is quite good. But I’d love to get better on the tools, and have my tool box for small fixings that I could do myself.

I started to think in paint the tiles or backsplash of my kitchen with color paint. Well, I think about changing tiles will need a month and is a lot of hard work and pretty more expensive so I thought it could be much easier paint it black and mint green and I would have a brand new kitchen and also could place the tiles after. I was really considering this change but I have changed my mind and I’m producing something else. 

Here, I’m giving you some ideas of BRICOLAGE. 

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