I got delighted to have been looking after some party serving stuff and really have found it. I used to buy ready of that previously while abroad and I’m buying several snacks like party but I wanted the ready serving, actually I used to work in gathering before for one year and on a coffee kitchen for another year and six years with natural food products so I started to think about organize some closed events. 

Well simple like that I’ve found loads of beautiful platter of an international label that I’m on eye on and would serve me very well as my life is becoming all the time more busy and busy. So, there is the 2 ways around or serve it as public events in which would be another sort of production of course or keep it low-key and hold special private meetings with special private people at home. It would be the new black-tie thing in which I’m thinking about. 

Here where I’m based is called canapĂ© but canapĂ© en Français is sofa today I wanted to talk about the canapĂ© because it would be a twisted in language but I didn’t wanted to be sit in a couch or a sofa. So, I left it behind and I’m really trying to go back on my normal routine which includes a lot of details and talkings and also recipes once we are facing lack of products and needs to be changed everything, just tine little sizes. Yes, I’m studying ingredients and recipes I did study recipes before but I’m getting back on it, those days I’ve seen a French girl that could turn into model on Youtube of French Vogue baking an amazing apple tart that she could give me serious classes with that so beautiful it was, thanks I’ve found some ready platters including that I would buy it ready to. I can learn but I’m not very good on the sweeties baking I tried and your tart was looking very taste. 

I’m on eye on my new ideas.

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