I see people all confused in Europe because the gas and in Brazil because the temperatures are also dropping every year for the 4th year in a roll. Here we are not very used to have heaters at home because it used to be tropical land, I do have mine electric portable one because my mom was very darling to get concerned about me specially I that have cold bit more intense and gave me it as a gift, thanks mom. Despite I’m the water saver one, energy saver one, gasoline petrol saver one I use my heater for 4 years because otherwise I had frozen. I would be very concerned now to travel Europe as I’m so I have postponed my trip to spring time if everything unfolds well, but if not I’m giving European a hand or fixing my house or having more jobs so I’m studying all the real needs in Europe as in Brazil for transformation. I will let the door open both sides at the moment in hold.

I’ve studied Eco-Friendly Interior Design and there my teacher had presented me the wood stove back again but in a better shape and that because it is an off-gas that is causing such a trouble with high prices that before the war already has been a challenge. When I went to Poland I turned redish-purple possibly I was freezing so maybe that is why I have intense cold and headache today, I don’t know.

I loved the CONTURA ( Sweeden ) wood stove designs, I even discovered that Scandinavian designs can be more than they are shown in the market because has a little bit more of sophistication and I got really happy for see they go forward quickly switch. For the time being, quick snap I would say run after it and grab few options they will let you free to work in time to go after other solutions on the way and they have a total affordable price.

I have done few projects on interior design and mostly I’m working only with restoration and small details, but I really tried to serve the stove and bio-compost and green energy and environment specifications possibly water saving. Today the stove works really well for the problem and it is an amazing design but the better is definitely solar board energy auto-sustainable home for an electric stove because the wood is not really ecologic. Including that is wise you do some fixing home before to prevent fire, they can be used on the old fire-burn place but they might have a new iron tunnel.

It is important to say that because I know a person, I’ve watched in Youtube and he is famous but he had an incident with the fire-burn place specially after the Notre-Dame church that also happen to be in Paris he got burnt because an incident with the fire-burn. So, must be fixed and restored before you get to get used to it. And it serves to all people, and it is real for safety and security. But here, is the option to environment policies before the green-energy. 

In my country the problem is not energy because we do have hydro-electric usines and we don’t use heaters but the wood is our problem so I don’t recommend much wood even, unless maybe eucalyptus. The green energy is even better. . I mean for small countries the wood can go but for the regular ones the green energy and electric ones are the real solution.

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