If I tell you will not believe, I’m delivering my first landscaping project this spring and I deeply hope everything goes well. And everything started like this, looking to my home plants and biofilic design and I said I want to go landscape.

Here I was learning a lot, how to care better of my plants I mean in some nurturing treat for a better grow, as I’m learning with the plants and normally this time of the year because of the season I be looking after new plant pots. 

In fact, at home is mostly bricolage and re-use pots put suddenly I wanted to go a bit more cosy or designed or also auto-irrigation. The ceramic pots are my dear mine ones but I do have a strange taste that is why, I went to get some of those but for ikebana designs some time ago and they didn’t have but this are not really the ikebana ones I mean that is to play with flowers and this are pots along with the auto-irrigation ones that for me are turning into a must, at least I’m studying them because I do have auto-irrigation pots, a couple of them but I run after some plants for irrigation.

GREEN GARDEN R$ 39,95 – R$ 43,50
GREEN GARDEN R$ 31 – R$ 22,25
GREEN GARDEN R$ 75 – R$ 94,75

Plants are not very easy to take care of because all the species have different types of care and soil, and I normally say specially those home plants that they are drunk because they do like a lot of water, normally they weren’t like that or they were and people didn’t told us well. I don’t know if it is because I started studying plants myself for a some time and started understand them better.

GREEN GARDEN – R$ 3 – R$ 8
GREEN GARDEN – R$ 9 – R$ 15
GREEN GARDEN R$ 9,25 – R$ 9,95

I’m bringing more and more plants inside place, and I love when I see them living outside well; because I also have seen some plants getting sick with the weather conditions and this topic started to become a source of study I mean the spring time has become a little bit colder and I’ve noticed that some plants have turned into other type of behavior getting sluggish or smaller or less vivid which has caused me some concern. And for that you have to have a better care I mean nourishing, at this time I’m trying coffee filtered and tea while I try to save my organic trash and will see. Plants remedies, cannot wait to spring time and I hope the sun will shine.

But this plants laboratory, has really turned part of me. 

Better than that, I’m seriously thinking in shelter the agriculture.

Yes, this shelter is an easy build one wood sticks and transparent plastic.

But also, will save the plants and food from this new coldish strange weather.

Of course, also like the ultra-violet lighting when needed.

Well, learning. 

All at Green Garden.

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