After the un-concluded Brexit, let’s say farewell to a period on the England history. I’m covering LFW London Fashion Week this season Spring-Summer 23 exactly because it is a good hub for young creatives, I’ve studied there and I have learned quite a lot over and despite the adverse time I’ve watched them for a long time with stable job vacancies. I always have asked myself how English did that because I was there in recession time and I’m yet here at recession time and suddenly I started to sew clothes back, because I’ve gone for edition only, and I thought go for it possibly independent again to make up my living. Also, I’m pushing ahead to work with music. . But it is been a struggle work with lyrics because every minute is a brand new break news that is difficult to compose. At this time, I’m just going for music with no lyrics.

By the way, I was going to Europe and I even thought go for visiting England. Who knows some other time, even with differences in store I would yet feel as making part of something specially when expecting a young generation big happening.




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